Zineb Yahtzee


Size | 9"x9"x1.5"

Color | Brown

  • Product Description

      Zineb Yahtzee is a small, round, recessed tray with dice made from Thuya Burls and polished to a bright shine.

      These little trays are the perfect receptacle for Yahtzee game pieces with a beautiful circle of scented wood. Keep the Zineb Yahtzee nearby so you and your friends and family can start a game on a moment's whim.


      Game Rules

      Yahtzee is a delightful party game. Using five, six-sided dice Yahtzee can
      accommodate any number of players.
      The object of Yahtzee is for each player to roll dice and fill out their scorecard over the course of a series of rounds, trying to obtain the best rolls in thirteen different
      combinations as outlined on their score card. The player with the highest score at the
      end of the thirteen rounds is the winner.
      To play, choose a starting player and take turns moving clockwise around the group.
      Take all five dice and roll. You can roll some or all of the dice up to two more times. It is permissible to set aside any dice you’d like to keep and re-roll the rest. For example, if the category you want to score on your scorecard gets you points by rolling fives, you might want to keep the three fives that you rolled on the first turn and try for two more fives by rolling the just remaining two dice two more times. The dice you roll can be scored after any of the rolls but the scoring ends the players turn.
      Each Yahtzee player’s objective is to score as high as they can in the thirteen
      categories on the scorecard. Categories can be filled out in any order (except for the
      Yahtzee Category) but can only be scored once. To score the dice select one of the
      categories on the score card and write the points accumulated. Once a category is filled in, it may not be changed or used again.
      Once all players have taken thirteen turns and filled in the categories on the scorecard the game is over. Players add up their scores and the highest total wins the game.

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    • Variant: 9"x9"x1.5" / Brown
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    • Weight: 587 g
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