Wafa Domino


Size | 6.5"x2.5"x2"

Color | Brown

  • Product Description

      The Wafa Domino set is neatly contained in a rectangular box that can easily fit in your pocket, purse or backpack.

      Made from the famed Thuya burl this domino set has a wonderful heft to it and a smooth, polished surface to enhance the pleasure you get when handling the dominoes.


      Game Rules

      There are many variations on the game of Dominoes. Here are the basic rules for just
      one of them:
      The object of the game is to score the highest number of points. Points are earned by playing all of your dominoes before your opponent can and scoring points by counting up the value of the tiles still held by your opponent(s). At the end of a predetermined number of rounds, each player tallies up their points and the highest score wins.
      To play, place the dominoes face down on a table and shuffle them around. Each player then draws one domino to determine who will play first. The highest double domino drawn plays first. If no double is drawn, the highest domino plays first. Whichever domino is highest is placed face up on the table to become the first domino to be played.
      Next, the dominoes are reshuffled and each player draws seven tiles for his/her hand
      and places those tiles in front of him/herself so the other players cannot see the number of dots (or pips) on the dominoes. The remaining tiles are set aside to be drawn from when no moves can be made by a player.
      Once the first player sets his/her domino face up the player to the left adds his/her tile to one of the free ends of the domino with a matching number of pips. Play continues clockwise with each player adding a tile if they can. Any player who cannot make a play because he/she doesn’t have a tile with the correct number of pips must pass their turn or take a tile from the surplus stock and add it to their hand. If no one can make a move the game ends. Otherwise, the game ends when a player has played all the dominoes in his/her hand before the other players and announces “Dominoes!” The winner’s score is tallied by counting the total number of pips on all the tiles still held by each opponent.

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    • Variant: 6.5"x2.5"x2" / Brown
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