Jomana Basket


Size | 11"x 18"x H11"

Color | LightYellow

  • Product Description

      The Jomana Basket from The Bazaar is a large, rectangular basket with handles and a lid you can close. Plaited into an open weave this versatile carryall works for picnics, linen storage, paper product storage, soft toys, sewing notions, or as a picnic basket

      Stackable and lightweight these storage/carry-all baskets are incredibly handy to have around. Travel with your Jomana Basket, organize your cupboards and closets or take one along as you run a few errands.

  • Product Details
    • Variant: 11"x 18"x H11" / LightYellow
    • SKU: VA-0002-VA262-M
    • In Stock: 10
    • Weight: 1 g
    • Product Type: Basketry