Hafsa Teapot


Size | 6"x7"

Color | Silver

  • Product Description

      The most important thing about making Moroccan mint tea is having the right teapot. The Hafsa Teapot from The Bazaar is an authentic, traditional Moroccan teapot that is the proper teapot for making and serving mint tea.

      The Hafsa Teapot comes in small and medium sizes and will serve 2-4 people. Remember, Moroccan tea is served in small amounts and is meant to be drunk very slowly until it is no longer hot. Take pleasure is owning, using and displaying your Hafsa Teapot. 

  • Product Details
    • Variant: 6"x7" / Silver
    • SKU: Cu-0002-Cu208-M-2
    • In Stock: 1
    • Weight: 275 g
    • Product Type: Brass alloy