Reha Maha


Size | 8.5"x8"x4"

Color | Brown

  • Product Description

      The Reha Maha from The Bazaar is handmade from Thuya burl and is a lovely replica of the vessel used by Moroccan women to make small batches of argan oil.

      Mostly the argan nuts are cracked and the kernels are painstakingly extracted and ground into a paste, the women will knead the pulp in the shallow bowl of the Reha Maha. Ever so slowly the women add tiny amounts of water as they cold press the pulp until oil begins to come out. The mixture is squeezed to extract as much oil as possible which is next separated from the pulp, strained and then filtered into pure argan oil. Our replic, made from Thuya wood, has the ability to coax the cedar-like aroma of the Thuya wood by twisting and turning the lid on top of the bowl. The friction will release the subtle scent of this precious wood. 

      Measuring 8.5"x8"x4" the Reha Maha is a tribute to the traditional, small batch oil making method still in use today.

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    • Variant: 8.5"x8"x4" / Brown
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