Silver Sterling & Semi Precious Stones


Acquiring jewelry is a way of expressing one’s individuality and The Bazaar is pleased
to offer a collection of handmade rings from Morocco. Rustic style rings from Tuareg
tribes, located in the Sahara desert, feature sterling silver etched with forms intended to
ward off evil as well as geometric shapes found in Islamic tradition. Powerful onyx
stones in a variety of colors offer protection, medicine, and a little bit of magical
influence. Etchings and filigree settings on sterling silver adorn other styles of rings.
Hammered sterling silver in elongated shapes and perfect circles offer yet another form
of ethnic expression and personal choice


Semi precious stones and sterling silver predominate in The Bazaar’s collection of
pendants and necklaces. Handmade in Morocco by local artisans, each piece of jewelry
is a standout emblem of Moroccan customs and traditions. Amethyst, onyx, red coral,
lapis lazuli, jade and sterling silver offer magical ways to accessorize your wardrobe.
Combine any of our necklaces and pendants with your favorites or wear alone to reveal
your unique identity


You might find it challenging to choose your favorite earrings from among the wide
range of styles we have gathered. From the desert sands of the Sahara to the souks of
Marrakech The Bazaar is put together a collection that is appealing for its aesthetics
and symbolic history. Semi-precious beads dangle in rows from chandelier style
earrings. Shapes and forms intended to ward off evil are etched onto sterling silver

earrings found among the Tuareg tribes of the Sahara. Enamel representing nature, life
and sunshine dance off geometric shapes while the power of onyx is fully present in
classic settings of sterling silver. Accentuate your beauty, your power, and your
individuality with these magical accessories


Choose any bracelet from our exclusive collection and you’ll see the very shape and
design of each bracelet is full of meaning. Cuffs, bangles, and rows of powerful stones
hinged together with sterling silver reveal messages. Ancient images etched on the
bangles, protective powers emanating from a specific color of onyx, and geometric
shapes have customs and traditions embedded throughout. Wear our bracelets to
symbolize your unique identity by mixing and matching them with your other favorite