Chess Karima


Size | 7"x7"x3"

Color | Brown& Yellow

  • Product Description

      Imagine a high quality, handcrafted chess board which is also a gorgeous box made from one of the most valued woods in the world. Now envision four small boxes inside the outer box for safely storing the handmade chess pieces.

      Finally, see yourself and a friend or family member playing chess on the squares of the box's exterior. That's Chess Karima!

      Chess Karima is a special chess board and a fancy box with a double purpose. Once you set your chess pieces out for a game of strategy, you can put treats in the compartments in the box and enjoy them while playing chess. Or, you can use the compartments to hide secret prizes for the winner of your games.

      Chess Karima is made from Thuya wood and is of the highest quality.


      Game Rules:

      Chess is a game of strategy played by two people. The goal of Chess is to trap and
      capture your opponent’s king (checkmate).
      The player with the white pieces always moves first and when setting up the board the white queen goes on a white square and the black queen goes on a black square. To set the pieces up, use the two rows of squares closest to each opposing player. Rooks are placed in each corner, Bishops are placed next to the Rooks, then come the Knights, then the queen on a square of her own color, then the King. Pawns are placed on the second row of the board closest to the player.
      There are differing rules of movement for each of the chess pieces. A piece may be
      moved to another position or may capture an opponent’s piece and replace the position on the square that was just occupied by the opponent’s piece.
      When a king is threatened with capture it’s called a check. If a king is in check, the
      player defending that king must make a move to get rid of that threat.
      The rules for the basic moves for each piece are listed below.
      King: one square at a time either horizontally, vertically or diagonally
      Queen: any number of unoccupied squares either horizontally, vertically or diagonally
      Rook: any number of unoccupied squares either horizontally, vertically or diagonally
      Bishop: any number of unoccupied squares in any diagonal direction
      Knight: an L-shape from any three connecting squares and can jump over others to landin an unoccupied square.
      Pawns: can move forward one unoccupied square at a time but capture their opponents by moving diagonally. On any given pawns first move that pawn can move two squares forward provided both squares are unoccupied. If a pawn reaches the opponent’s edge of the board that pawn can be ‘promoted to any status other than a king.

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    • Variant: 7"x7"x3" / Brown& Yellow
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